Antiques Identification Clinic – Elora 2018

A fascinating aspect of keeping family heirlooms is the fact that they may have monetary value far beyond what their owners can imagine. Find out more about your own heirlooms at the Elora Spring show, April 14 and 15.

The Identification clinic will feature Janet Carlile, CPA, an independent and accredited antiques valuer and appraiser with 30 years International experience gained with major auction houses both in Europe and North America. In addition to her appraisal work Janet also writes and lectures. She wrote a popular syndicated Antiques column for the Southam Newspaper Group for over 4 years and has contributed to magazines including the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts journal The Bulletin. She has appeared as an expert appraiser on the CBC’ s Canadian Antiques Roadshow. Janet has also been a guest on the lunchtime CBC program Ontario Today to answer listeners’ questions about antiques during  phone ins.

How it works:

      • Bring your items for appraisal. You may bring as many items as you wish.
      • When you arrive, go directly to the appraisal tables and get yourself a number. From this number you will be able to approximate your appointment time, then go and have fun searching the rest of the show and enjoy the many wonderful things on offer. If you miss your turn you will be inserted and accommodated at the next number in line. The Clinic operates Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm and Sunday from 11am until 5pm.
      • At your appointed time, meet with the expert and show her your treasures.
      • Fees: $15 per item, or 2 items for $25.