Shirley Collins and Robert Rankin, Hamilton

“We offer a variety of ephemera including advertising; antique and vintage photos; handwritten diaries, notebooks and ledgers, and collectible books including Canadiana and children’s books.”

“For the March show we have some special pieces:
Coca-Cola advertisement: Ladies Home Journal, 1920s.

The Greatest: by Muhammad Ali, First Printing, 1976, signed by the author.

The Ingoldsby Legends: by Thomas Ingoldsby, 1920, illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

Ron Good, Port Hope, ON

“I sell old advertising.  Mostly single pages from long dead magazines.  The reference to “Life Magazine” is only to let people know the usual dimensions of the ads.  Most folks know the page size of “Life”. But many other mags used the same size page. I am constantly amazed, and delighted, at the scope of peoples’ interests.  Some want ads relating to a former occupation, of the occupation of a parent/grandparent.  People look for every topic under the sun from aircraft through birds, cats, dogs, boats, Canadiana, the Dionne quints,   to perfumes, railways, Jewish themes, radio/television, movies and on  to world’s fairs, World War 2 and Wurlitzer.  And I can’t miss the VW bug!”

“This March, I will be bringing my usual assortment of quality advertising material extracted from vintage magazines. Topics from Aircraft to Zippo lighters.

I recently supplied Duesenberg, McLaughlin, Buick, etc. material for the Art and the Automobile section of the Canadian International Auto Show. These were made into very enlarged wall hangings. Quite attractive.”

Rare Photo Gallery, Neil McDonald, Toronto

Neil MacDonald, The Rare Photo Gallery, travels widely, to many of the top ephemera shows in North America and Europe. His agenda is packed, but we’re delighted when he can show up at the Old Book and Paper Show. He brings great things every time.

John Maguire, Top Drawer Vintage, Toronto

“Top Drawer Vintage, first time at the show, offers a carefully curated collection of magazine ads, book illustrations, vintage photographs, art prints and original works on paper, with special focuses on fashion, and art for children.

Below are descriptions of some items we will be bringing to the show. Please find corresponding photos attached.”

1) Original gouache architect’s renderings from the 1950s.

2) Lithographs from “The Decorative Work of T.M. Cleland,” 1st edition, Pynson Printers Inc., New York, 1929. #163 of a limited edition of 1200.

3) Original lithographs by Jean-Paul Riopelle from the French publication, “Derriere le Miroire”, edition #160, June, 1966. (More available)

Charles Vyvial, ‘The Book Hunter’, Montreal

Last here in 2015, Charles returns with an exceptional selection of antiquarian books and ephemera.

Included will be ‘Canada and It’s Provinces’, A History of the Canadian People & Their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Adam Short & Arthur G. Doughty General editors.

Deluxe limited Author’s Edition,#143 of 875 impressions on all-rag watermarked paper. Signed by the Publisher. Bound in full green Morocco. Very good plus condition – $650.

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books, Toronto

A fixture on Mount Pleasant, Alexandre specializes in antique maps, prints and travel posters.

Owner Alexandre states: “We have been one of the leading Canadian print and map sellers for the past 35 years. We maintain a large collection of antiquarian maps and prints of different locations in Canada and around the World.

A typical print is shown.

The Globe Special Train (Passing Dundas), 1887 A fine example of this rather scarce lithograph of the Globe Special Train. Most early newspapers were local, and individualistic, there were no chains in those days. The Globe was a paper that did reach to other communities and it did this by a most unusual way, a train. Not content to distribute its papers on regular passenger trains as newspapers did for many decades, The Globe had its own train! This Special Train had just one car, a combination baggage-coach numbered 601 and specially painted to advertise The Globe. \\\”Special Fast Train between Toronto and London, Hours Ahead of All Competitors\\\”


For Wychwood, rare early Iceland stereoviews, Camden’s ‘Brittania’ 1722, with annotations – from the St Paul’s Cathedral Library, Panoramic Photo of Liberal Convention 1960’s, daguerreotype of Cleveland Town Hall, original Toronto Union Station plans, early letterhead from 10 Downing St., signed first edition Robertson Davies, Framed Shelburne Lacrosse Club 1897, an Atlantic Ocean ‘Bottle Map” 1846, WW1 German soldier’s photo album, Rare 1832 bank stock certificate and other unusual paper paraphernalia.

In addition, we expect to bring: Autographs, Sheet Music, Diaries Ledgers, Rare books, Maps/Atlas, Dags, Samples Glass negs/slides, Ephemera by topic, Politics, Toronto, Military, Sport, Royalty, Transportation, Newspaper Events

Steven Temple, Steven Temple Books, Welland

Having operated bookshops in downtown Toronto since 1974, we closed the shop and escaped the city in March, 2014. I am not sorry. It’s quite nice down here in my new old home in Welland, Ontario

I have a few good things set aside for the March show.

Kitchener Kollectables, Patrick & Slade Kitchener

“Kitchener Kollectables is proud to be bringing a large grouping of Entertainment Memorabilia from the 1940′s to the 1960′s that include Lobby Cards, Signed Photographs & other memorabilia. We will also be bringing key issues of early Life Magazines, Vintage Comic Books, Early Pulp Paperbacks, Real Photo Postcards & another large grouping of Military Ephemera.”

“When you visit our booth you are guaranteed to see items we have just acquired and have saved specifically for the show. This year we will continue in this trend with some vintage comic books with great cover art, vintage pulp magazines (including a large collection of Tijuana Bibles), Military related documents and paper, real photo postcards and much more. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show and the next 15 years!!”

Michael Goble, Enniskillen

Michael Goble specializes in sheet music but also has a collection of older books, magazines, calendars, photographs, postcards, and miscellaneous other ephemera.

Highlights for Wychwood include:

Mark Twain’s Memoranda From The Galaxy
Mark Twain, 1871 first edition
An unauthorized publication, with original Canada News and Publishing Company imprint on title page. Amongst the rarest of Twain’s early publications. An unauthorized Canadian piracy from his publications in the New York literary periodical Galaxy (from May 1870 to February 1871), thus creating a new book title which was itself never published in the United States.

Gleanings from the Graphic
Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)
George Routledge & Sons, London (1889)
First Edition. An oblong/landscape folio. This is a republication of pictures from other volumes. Graphics of social life and customs in Great Britain with caricatures and cartoons.

Calendar: Peerless Carbon & Co. 1952

Ron and Sheila Workman, St. Catharines

“We have thousands of old postcards including one of the largest stocks of Ontario cards. Many postcards have been added and we are expanding from two tables to three for the March and October shows in 2017.”

Early advertising card, mailed Feb 1, 1900, to Guelph.

Winsch Halloween card.

Cottage Country Collectables, Scott Hall, Toronto

In addition to bringing some superb cottage country related ephemera, postcards and photos, we are excited to bring the following unique items :

Rare 1914 Algonquin Park 4ft wall map

1958 Woody Herman Palace Pier showcard

WW1 Canadian Royal Flying Corps aviation photo album

1864 Pre-confederation carte de visite of John A. Macdonald published by renowned photographer William Notman.

These are just a few of the items we are bringing out for this show, so please stop by and see all the other documents, photos and ephemera we have uncovered since the Fall show.

John Parr, Murdo’s Books, Etobicoke

“Our focus is on Canadiana including a good selection of books by or about  members of the Group of Seven (including signed copies), Military Books, Original illustration art by Robert E.  Lougheed, Original signed comic strips of the beloved Herman by Jim Unger,  Vintage Photographs including Original Large Format B&W Photo’s from the U of T Hart House Camera Club Shows from the 1930’s….

For the April show, we’re bringing a large quantity of early children’s books including many with a sports theme, Boy Scouts, Tom Swift++ We are also bringing a large selection of vintage movie magazines and pocket books.

Steven Panet, Fastball Collectibles, Scarborough

I’m bringing some rare 1950′s and 60′s paper collectibles for the show.
I will be bringing lots more rare vintage rare sports and movie collectibles to the show as well. I will also be bringing some great 1950s and 60s comics books.
I have been enjoying this fun hobby now since 1975, buying and selling rare sports and movie collectibles with my dad.

Attic Books, Marvin Post, London, ON

Wide range of decorative ephemera, specializing in postcards, autographs, maps and prints, photographs. Some of the interesting and fabulous things Attic Books is bringing to the Old Book and Paper Show:

Various Canadian Seed Catalogues. Webb’s 1928. 1928 Catalogue of Dutch Bulbs from C.G. v. Tubergen and distributed by C.A. Cruickshank in Toronto. 1927 Catalogue from John A. Bruce & Co from Hamilton.

Front of the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show 1897 tour poster which was printed in Ottawa and is a two sided paper poster.

Lastly is the special edition of The Standard, the Tercentenary (300th) Souvenir Edition from July 25th, 1908. It is celebrating the 300th anniversary of the founding of Quebec with emphasis on both French and British Heritage. Includes Jacques Cartier’s discovery of Canada, Champlain’s activities, photos of Governors-General, historic views of old Quebec, memories of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, scenes from General Wolfe’s and General Montcalm’s boyhoods, etc. Official programme of commemorative events at rear includes a visit from the Prince of Wales (future George V).

John Alexander, Alexander Arts, Toronto

John explains how he got involved in selling: “I would have to say that there comes a time in every collector’s life when they have to decide if they are going to go on to become a hoarder, or start to sell parts of a collection to finance other collecting. Since I didn’t want to end up on American TV, I decided selling was better, and I can delude myself that I am, to use that modern catch phrase – down sizing.

“For this show, I will be bringing some books about erotica. Taschen produced a beautiful two volume set of John Willie’s Bizarre back in 1995 that we will have for sale. We have also acquired a copy of the Dictionnaire de Sexologie printed in Paris in 1962, as well as other photography and drawing books, most notably Mapplethorpe’s Altars.

I will also have a nice selection of affordable carte de vistes, cabinet cards and other photographs and postcards collected on our travels.”

Wilfrid M. de Freitas, Bookseller, Montreal

“The Wychwood show is noted for the wide variety of interests of its attendees, so we’ve been accumulating some special things for it. Among the interesting items we’ll be bringing to the show are an unusual vertical split fore edge showing on one side a nineteenth century sailor on shore with his ship in the background and, on the other, a woman holding up a baby looking out to the same ship – as if bidding farewell to her husband.

Another unusual piece is a single leaf from Macbeth from the Shakespeare Fourth Folio, 1685, containing the well known Witches’ scene “Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and Cauldron bubble…”. We’ll also have a spectacular copy of the 1906 “Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show On Earth Magazine of Wonders”, with covers in full colour, and a superb copy of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair guide, lavishly illustrated with maps, plans and photographs.”

Danielle Cheng, CC Stamp, Scarborough

“We mostly sell all kinds of vintage paper including stamps, postcards, old books and magazines. Collecting vintage and antique is our passion. The following are major items we are going to bring to the show:

First Day Issue Cover for US, Canada from 1930-1970: more than 100 pieces
Vintage Postage Stamp Set Album : US Stamp Set, Canada Stamp Set, Europe Stamp Set, Japan Stamp Set
Vintage Post Cards: 2 Boxes (Large quantity)
Historical books: War and Military, Art, Literature (about 20 books)
Please see attached pictures for some samples.”

Morris Norman, Toronto

Inveterate and impassioned collector, sells and collects anything Canadian – telephone items, Canadian Railway, Toronto ephemera, posters, postcards, documents, broadsides, banking stocks, car material, Hudson Bay, Yukon, Louis Riel, War of 1812,  WW1, Canadian Prime Ministers,  hockey and early sports, western settlement, canoe catalogues, farm machinery, lighthing, architectural catalogues, Eatons and Simpsons, Canadian Judaica – all of the above Canadian only. Plus great folk art and scarce license plates.