Vintage photos, old cameras and everything related.  Seventy tables of great vintage gear offered for sale by dealers and collectors in vintage Photography.  Setting up at historic, mid-town Wychwood Barns, the show will bring together sellers and buyers who share a passion for vintage photography and the equipment used to produce this important art. You should plan to attend.

Wychwood Barns – 601 Christie Street

Wychwood Barns is at 601 Christie Street, west of Bathurst, south of St. Clair. It occupies a block between Christie Street on the west and Wychwood Avenue on the east.

Parking is limited around Wychwood Barns.  TTC provides good public transit to the site.

St. Clair streetcar #512 runs along St. Clair and connects with St. Clair West Subway station.

Christie bus #126 runs from the Christie Subway station north on Christie and stops at the door.

Bathurst bus #7 is two blocks east of the barns and runs from Bloor Subway line north on Bathurst.

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There are several Green P parking lots in the area. 

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601 Christie St at

Updates On The Show